Les Trois Fondues

Who invented it?

The history of the fondue dates back centuries, but to this day, its inventor remains unknown. In any case, a culinary highlight that we are certainly proud of is our “Les trois Fondues”.

Fondue with 3 different sauces

All things cheese! ... and other irresistible treats!

“Les trois Fondues” is an invention by landlord and host Donat Ruppen, which originated from both his passion for entertaining guests, as well as his inventive spirit.

Presented back in 2006 at the Exhibition of Inventions and the recipient of many awards to this day, this irresistible invention lets you taste and enjoy three different fondue varieties!

The triple-compartment caquelon allows you to savour three different types of cheese fondue at the same time while enjoying good company. Suitable for intimate dining à deux, get-togethers with friends and family, festive occasions or simply as a novel gift. 

Discover and order your own "Les Trois Fondues" right now!

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