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All things cheese! ... and other irresistible treats!

There are countless types of fondue which differ not only in their cheese varieties and mixing ratios, but also in the type of the “skewered foods” used and the side dishes served with them. You won’t be able to resist! Most are found in the excellent restaurants and rustic parlours in Valais But you’ll only find the original “Les trois Fondues” in the Matterhorn Valley Hotel Desirée, as that’s where it was invented and patented!

But of course, it’s not all about cheese here. Our chefs are very creative and are passionately dedicated to fresh Swiss cuisine. Why not try it yourself? You’ll be amazed!

Family Hotel & Spa Desirée

Dorfplatz 462, 3925 Grächen
+41 (0)27 956 30 60

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