Sporting, classic or exotic - what's your favourite style?

Crown your stay in the Alpine SPA Loge with one of our massages. Our graduate masseuse in wellness treatments like classical and sports massages, Lomi Lomi, anti cellulite or aroma therapy, will be happy to help you to find the best possible massage for you.

A woman enjoys a massage at Alpine SPA Lodge

Selection of massages

Partial / Whole body massage (25 min / 50 min)
At your choice as anti-stress massage (with relaxing lavender oil), as classical massage or as sports massage.
Price: CHF 54 / 94

Tip: Enjoy from a wonderful anti-stress massage right at the beginning of your holidays when stress and tensions still make part of your luggage...

Sports massage (25 min / 50 min)
Regeneration, mobilization and preventive effect thanks to unknotting the muscles and the musculoskeletal system in case of general tenseness and muscle stiffness. Ideal after a long day on the ski pistes or an extensive hiking trip.
Price: CHF 54 / 94

Various herbs in the Alpine SPA Lodge

Jimbiri Pinda Sveda -  Herbal stamp massage (50 min)
Warm herbal stamps have a certain effect thanks to different massage moves that make loosen the tensions in the muscles and in the body's tissue. The wonderful smell of the herbs - home made from Yoki - accompanies you during the entire treatment.
Price: CHF 110

Hot stone massage (50 min)
The hot stone massage is a fascinating combination out of massage, energy work and the soothing effect of hot stones and nourishing oils. 
Price: CHF 109

Alpine Hand and Foot massage (50 min)
For clarity of mind, expression of the soul, strength and presence of the body. With pressure, the heads and feet are specifically triggered, which are connected via nerve tracts with the internal organs. This massage promotes the flow of energy and has a relaxing and stress-relieving effect.
Price: CHF 92

Alpine 4 Elements Thai Massage (50‘)
This inspirational method combines the healing Thai massage with the philosophy of 4 elements: earth, water, air and fire to blend your massage oils. The massage focuses on specific points, expands the deep relaxation, relaxes energy, activates the entire nervous system and relieves muscle tension with the aim to achieve an inner balance and improve the overall well-being.
Price: CHF 92

A woman receives a foot massage in the Alpine SPA Lodge

Lomi Lomi massage (50 min)
In this typical hawaiian massage hands, forearms and elbows are used to ensure not only deep relaxation but also to cause a physical, psychological and spiritual purifying effect. Blockages are dissolved and the harmony of body, mind and soul will be re-established.
Price: CHF 109

Massage suitable for children (25 min)
Massages for children cause evenness, relaxation and have a supporting effect on the improvement of body functions (e. g. deep sleep, strenghtening of the ability to concentrate and on the immune system).
Price: CHF 45

Except for these massages we are also happy to offer to you on request foot reflexology massages. We are working with cosmetic and wellness products of the brand Alpienne as well as with home made massage oils.

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